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03 April 2018 | Resources

5 Ways Google Can Help Your Small Business


When you’re running a small company, you have to leverage all the business tools available online that you can. Get the right mix and it will certainly make a big difference to your bottom line and productivity.

Whether it’s ensuring you are more visible through social media, checking how your latest marketing campaign is working or accessing the appropriate office tools to allow you and your staff to deliver day in day out, there’s one company that offers a lot more than most.

Google has long been on the side of SMEs and there are a number of ways it’s services can help you promote and develop your business at a low cost or even FREE of charge. Here are just a few examples:


Google My Business

People generally look to a search engine like Google to find information about products and services whether they’re on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop pc.

Google My Business is a free to use tool that that gives you a full business listing on the search engine and has a number of features that are designed to make you more visible to local search customers. It’s easy to sign up and ‘claim your business’ free of charge, but the key factor is optimising your content by putting in the appropriate information and most importantly attracting 5 star reviews. Get this right and it can have a positive impact on engagement and bring buckets of local, qualified, potential customers to your site as well as your bricks and mortar business!

Click here to get registered and setup today


Google GSuite

Finding a full office package that comes at a great cost is certainly a high priority for all small businesses. GSuite offers everything you might need for your company with starting prices at just £3.30 per user per month. That's a professional email address for your business. None of this @hotmail or @yahoo stuff. Remember, first impressions are everything!

The GSuite package not only includes unlimited storage, email, word processing and spreadsheets but value added extras such as auditing and reporting. It’s a platform that makes collaboration easier and, because it’s a cloud based service, you and your team can access it wherever they are in the world.

Here at Crane Creative we're a GSuite referral partner so if you're interested in getting setup with GSuite we've got a few discount codes for your first years subscription and we can even help you get up and running. It's that good that we even use it ourselves!

Interested? Head over and take a look for yourself here


Website Optimisation Checker

Most businesses nowadays work hard to develop their online presence along with that all-important website. Google offers tools for checking how your website is performing including how quickly your pages are currently downloading, how it fairs on mobile devices and even how it stacks up against similar websites in your industry. It’s a great way to make sure that your site is optimised and working to its full potential, generating insights that help you move your digital presence to the next level, making you more competitive. Feel free to give your site a whirl and see how you fair:


Keywords/Research Tools

If you want to ensure your site is up to date when it comes to SEO, keywords still play a vital role. Google still offers the best keyword research and development tools on the market today. It’s a great aid if you’re planning marketing such as pay per click advertising or creating a landing page and want to ensure you pick the right keywords for your project. Check out how your keywords fair over on Google Adwords Keyword Planner



Of course, one of the things that Google is famous for is its cutting-edge analytics. This can often be a confusing area for small business owners, especially if they don’t have all that digital analytic knowledge in the first place. The good news is that Google Analytics’ simple to use interface means you can quickly get yourself up to speed and measure your online performance in a variety of ways. You can see how many people are visiting your site, how long they stay and which are your most popular pages. All this helps you to tailor content so that it performs more effectively.

Google provides a range of tools that are designed to give your small business a distinct competitive advantage. Leveraging them will create greater engagement between you and your customers and help you business grow profitably and productively both now and well into the future.

Feel free to go check it out yourself here


Hopefully, you have found a few, if not at least one of the above Google offerings useful for your business. It goes without saying if you need any help we can put together everything from personalised analytics packages through to getting you setup with GSuite - or do the whole lot for you! Whatever you're after don't be shy to get in touch to talk things through.

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