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29 August 2017 | Resources

The paperless todo list! A time management hack that can't be ignored.

As we approach the end of another busy, post-summer ‘flurry’ it's become apparent that it doesn’t matter how much we plan or meticulously calculate the years marketing calendar well in advance, there will always be those last minute ideas or opportunities that as a marketer you MUST jump on. Be it a local event that you see an opportunity to engage with or a reaction to a bit of breaking news these opportunities usually require fast action. As a designer I am always on the end of the ‘can you just’ or ‘any chance we can have this today’ it’s just part of the job!

As a result of the above, we’re often left feeling a little overwhelmed! That list of jobs is getting longer and it seems that for every task you tick off another two are added. The reason for this post is to share a little time management hack that I've been using for a few years now. The trusty to-do list. A rather special ‘ToDo List’ I should add.

I’m probably not the only one to admit they’ve got about 3 on the go at any one time. My personal lists are split into daily, weekly and one hefty, general, all-encompassing mega todo list! I like to go old school with pen and paper for the daily & weekly (mainly so I can scratch huge thick black lines through stuff when it’s done - hugely satisfying) but the overall todo is without a doubt tracked digitally using one of my favourite bits of free software. Trello


Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world... What’s great, is its free option is perfectly suited for todo lists! It can also be used as part of a team for collaborations on projects (also what we use) and basically provides a platform that’s well. Bloody brilliant...


How it works:

You create lists and boards until your heart's content. Awesome for brain dumps and workflow. For instance, I have Trello Boards set up for a few of my main clients to allow me to track what work is in progress, what projects are in need of feedback, what’s completed and most importantly, what’s ready for Invoicing! Before I had these boards tracking jobs was a nightmare and I quite frequently completely forgot to invoice particular projects because I was so involved in trying to keep everyone happy. With Trello I'm able to remove all that thought process from my head and with some strict rules in regards to when I input stuff and when things are moved from list to list I’m able to ensure I stay completely on top of all my current projects (and sleep at night). We also use it to track website design projects, keep on top with bugs or tweaks that are required and it allows us to fully monitor the progress on a particular job.



You could also use Trello for monitoring monthly or weekly goals, staff timetables, meal planning, event planning, heck I could be here all day. Here’s what life hacker have to say about it here:

If you’re interested in finding out more about Trello, head over to If anyone asks, you heard it here first.



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